Single Point Failure

– an inter(and inner)galactic road movie
SINGLE POINT FAILURE has its roots in the ambient music of the mid-nineties but adds a human factor to the machines. The results are beautiful, dreamy and occasionally weird soundscapes, rhythms and melodies. Electronic music played by people. Awesome sounding synths are accompanied by real drums, guitar, bass and human voices.
Without Auto-Tune, of course.
SINGLE POINT FAILURE embraces a positive view of ‘failure’. If part of a system fails, it can stop the entire machinery from working. But if things get too perfect, beauty often dies. Luckily, nobody’s perfect. Otherwise we would all look alike. So failure certainly has a positive impact on any creative process.

In the old days, everything was better. Even the future. SINGLE POINT FAILURE uses the best of both worlds: a nostalgia for nineties-style composition combined with a contemporary organic sound. All while drawing on many years of musical experience that has developed and ripened from then to now.
SINGLE POINT FAILURE is: two Danes and a Dutchman that share a love for cinematic soundscapes, exciting rhythms and amazing melodies.
The music does not follow the regular verse-chorus structure, opting instead to tell stories through atmosphere, lyrics and sound.
The songs are all about the universe: the big, unimaginable one out there and the mystifying micro-realm found in the mind and cells of the human body.
The lyrics present a wealth of stories: about chasing large-footed monsters on icy planets, celestial messengers from a distant past and travelling through veins and minds to find out why loneliness is not necessarily a bad thing.
All this with the help of a remarkable vessel controlled by Isla.
Influences and inspiration: Genesis, David Bowie, Attenborough and Gilmour, Stephen Hawking, Peter Gabriel, Fluke, Massive Attack, life, pain and happiness …