“Injection” Music Video

Work in progress:
We´re working on a music video to one of our new-to-release songs called Injection. The story, about an injection that went terribly wrong (based on a true story!), is kind of a journey-to-the-center-of-the-body. On acid…
Appart from the very beginning and the very ending, the video consists of 3D animation and motion graphics.
It wil take a while to finish it, but it will be beautiful!

Here are a few stills from our production:

Beautiful blue virusses are welcoming you after a wild blood vein flight…
Oh no! The vicious venflons have made a plastic soup of all the seringes and drowned the poor virusses!
Don´t really know what this is, but it definitely means trouble…
But don´t worry, we made a happy ending for you:-)